Engagement and Effectiveness of Parent Management Training (Incredible Years) for Solo High-Risk Mothers: A Multiple Baseline Evaluation

photoThe impact of difficult child behaviour on family functioning has a compounding effect on the physical, emotional, and psychological welfare of the child, the family unit, and the wider community. Additionally, untreated behaviour problems increase the risk of negative outcomes in adulthood (Breen & Barkley, 1998; Reyno & McGrath, 2006).

Indeed, apart from the impact on the child, recent research has confirmed earlier findings that parents of children with ADHD experience elevated stress levels, and have fewer effective parenting practices compared to parents of children without this disorder (Treacy, Tripp, & Barid, 2005). To address parenting issues and these other factors, an effective, low cost intervention strategy would obviously be a useful addition to the range of services available in everyday settings.

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Year: 2008
Bibliography: Lees, D., Ronan, K. 2008. Behaviour Change. Vol. 25, No.2 pp. 109-128.
Authors: Lees, Ronan, , ,