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Our Mission

We act on the belief  that a child is the most precious of all human beings, and the ability to withstand the emotional and social challenges as a teenager rests upon a caring relationship between parent, teacher, and child.

Our mission is to advance the social, emotional, and academic success of children of all ethnic groups, through a series of interlocking parent, teacher, and child programs supported by more than forty years of clinically proven worldwide research.

Our Goal

At Incredible Years, our goal is to provide cost-effective, developmentally appropriate early intervention programs that empower families and teachers of young children (0-12 years old). We believe in promoting social-emotional learning, academic competence, and child well-being. With comprehensive interventions, we support teachers and parents in addressing challenges such as anxiety, conduct issues, ADHD, and Autism. By focusing on early identification and intervention, we ensure children receive crucial support for positive growth and learning. 

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Who We Are

  • Carolyn Webster-Stratton, M.S., M.P.H., Ph.D.

    Founder & Program Developer
  • Kimberlee Shoecraft, MSW

    Trainer & Implementation Specialist
  • Kathleen Corrigan, M.Ed.

    Trainer & Implementation Specialist
  • Lisa Gloria, M.Ed.

    Implementation Manager
  • Clarissa Ramirez

    Shipping Manager & Training Support
  • Len Webster

    Incredible Mentor
  • Pelham Hern

    Supply Chain Manager
  • Malaysia Guzman

    IY Solutions Consultant
  • Sonia Vallejo

    Shipping Clerk

Testimonials and Endorsements

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I feel now I have the ability to raise my kids in a way that won’t lead them down the path that some of my nephews and cousins have gone down – school suspensions, drugs, trouble with the law. I would recommend this program to any parent with a young child they are having problems with. Everything they taught me works and I am going to stick with it.

Parenting Program Participant

Spending time truly teaching kids how to understand themselves and how to work with other kids paid off. I was then able to actually teach the math, reading, science, and social studies that I needed to because the kids had the training they needed to be more effective in class.

Teacher Program Participant

Basically, I learned a whole new way to teach.

Teacher Program Participant

It’s never too late to gain skills, and as parents, we gained new skills that we will use for the rest of our lives.

Parenting Program Participant