Incredible Years® Certified Trainers and Mentors

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Incredible Years® Trainers are authorized to lead workshops nationally and internationally and to do ongoing consultation with therapists, group leaders, and mentors regarding parent, teacher and child programs. They have been trained by founder Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton, and work closely with her in regard to program implementation and ongoing research.

Trainer is authorized to provide online group leader training 

Carolyn Webster-Stratton, M.S., M.P.H., Ph.D.

Washington, USA 

Carolyn is available to train in any of the Incredible Years® programs, but typically trains in the newer programs such as the Autism, Attentive Parenting, Baby, and Incredible Beginnings programs.

Kathleen Corrigan, M.Ed.

Ontario, Canada

Online: Child Programs (Classroom Dina, Small Group Dina), Teacher Programs (TCM, Incredible Beginnings)

Sue Evans, M.Ed., Ed.D.


Parent Programs (Baby, Toddler/Preschool, Home Coaching, Autism)

Online: Baby Parenting Program, Autism Parenting Program

Siri Gammelsaeter, Clin. Psy.


In-person: Parent Program (Toddler/Preschool, School Age), Peer Coach Training

Peter Loft, MSW.


In-Person: Parent Programs (Toddler/Preschool, School Age, Advance, Autism), Dina Small Group Treatment and Classroom Dina Programs, Teacher Classroom Management, Incredible Beginnings, Peer Coach Training

Kimberlee Shoecraft, MSW


Online: Parent Programs (Baby, Toddler/Preschool, School Age, Home Coaching, Attentive Parenting), Dina Small Group Treatment Program, Incredible Beginnings.

Bethan Baker

England, UK

In-person: Basic Parent Program

Online: Basic Parent Program

Jeannie Gordon, MA.

England, UK

In-person: Parent Programs (Baby, Toddler/Preschool, School Age, Home Coaching)

Online: Parent Programs (Baby, Toddler/Preschool, School Age, Home Coaching)

Susan Lowery O'Connell, PhD

Ohio, USA

Online: Basic Parent Program

Cathy Morrissey, M.Ed.

Colorado, USA

In-person: Parent Programs (Basic and School Age)

Online: Parent Programs (Basic and School Age)

Micah Orliss

California, USA

In-person: Small Group Dina Child Program

Online: Small Group Dina Child Program

Kate Rhee, D.Clin Psy.

Scotland, UK

In-person: Basic Parent Program & School Age Basic Parent Program, Parent Home Coaching

Online: Basic Parent Program & School Age Basic Parent Program, Parent Home Coaching


Mentors (By Program)

Mentors are certified group leaders who have had extensive experience with The Incredible Years® parent, teacher and/or child programs and have been invited to receive additional training to become mentors. Becoming a certified mentor permits them to offer authorized in-person workshops and on-going mentoring to small groups of new group leaders within their own agency or district. 

Mentor authorized to provide video review for group leader accreditation

*Mentor-in-training – certification/accreditation not yet complete

Baby Parenting Program
  • Bjørn Brunborg,* Norway
  • Ditte-Maria Ravn,* Denmark
  • Joanne Singleton,* England
  • Monica Sture,* Norway
Preschool Parenting Program
  • Jens Andersen, New Zealand
  • Tania Anstiss , New Zealand ☀
  • Ceth Ashen, PhD., California, USA
  • Andreia Azevedo, Portugal
  • Bethan Baker, England ☀
  • Bjørn Brunborg, Norway ☀
  • Paula Byrne,* Ireland
  • Dean Coffey, PsyD., California, USA
  • Moira Doolan, PhD., MSW, TQMFT., England
  • Ole Falkesgård, Denmark ☀
  • Maria Filomena Gaspar, Portugal
  • Jeannie Gordon, MA, England ☀
  • Emily Haranin, Ph.D., California, USA
  • Lisa Herewini, New Zealand
  • Tatiana Homem, Portugal
  • Astrid Honoré, Denmark
  • Sue Howson,* England
  • Kärt Kase,* Estonia
  • Dianne Lees, PhD (Psych), New Zealand
  • Marie-Josée Letarte ,* Canada
  • Diana Linforth-Howden, New Zealand
  • Susan Lowery O'Connell, PhD, Ohio, USA
  • Maria McAleese, LL.M., Northern Ireland ☀
  • Sean McDonnell, PhD., Ireland
  • Line Møller, Psy., Denmark ☀
  • Cathy Morrissey, M.Ed., Colorado, USA ☀
  • Hilde Mortensen, Norway
  • Sigrid Ness, Norway ☀
  • Barbara Palmer, Denmark ☀
  • Jenny Price, D. Clin Psy., England
  • Maartje Raaijmakers, PhD., Netherlands ☀
  • Judah Racham,* England
  • Brenda Renz, Scotland ☀
  • Kate Rhee, D.Clin Psy., Scotland ☀
  • Ty Rivå, Norway
  • Carolyn Rubenstein, Colorado, USA
  • Maria Joao Santos, Portugal
  • Stephanie Shepard Umaschi, PhD., Rhode Island, USA ☀
  • Lindsay Sherman, M.S., CO, USA
  • Nina Simola,* Finland
  • Joanne Singleton, England ☀
  • Monica Sture, Norway
  • Marte van der Horst, PhD., Netherlands ☀
  • Michelle Wood,* New Zealand
School Age Parenting Program
  • Ceth Ashen, PhD., California, USA
  • Bethan Baker,* England
  • Sue Evans, M.Ed., Ed.D., Wales
  • Jeannie Gordon,* MA., England
  • Siri Gammelsaeter, Clin Psy., Norway ☀
  • Angela Latham,* D.Clin Psy., England
  • Jenny Price,* PhD., England
  • Kate Rhee,* D.Clin Psy., Scotland
Attentive Parenting Program
  • Siri Gammelsaeter*, Norway
  • Jeannie Gordon*, MA., England
Home Coaching Program
  • Jeannie Gordon, MA., England
  • Kate Rhee, D.Clin Psy., Scotland
Classroom Dinosaur Child Program
  • Anne Breese, WalesAngie Clair,* Minnesota, USA
  • Sue Evans, M.Ed., Ed.D., Wales
  • Janne Evertsen, Norway ☀
  • Morten Haaland*, Norway
  • Suzy B. Hannen, M.Ed., Colorado, USA
  • Oddbjørn Løndal, Norway ☀
  • Catherine Millard, Colorado, USA
  • Julie Steffen, MA., Colorado, USA
Small Group Dinosaur Child Program
  • Janne Evertsen, Norway
  • Oddbjørn Løndal, Norway
  • Micah Orliss, PhD, California, USA
  • Kari Walmsness, Norway
Teacher Classroom Management Program
  • Lisa Christensen,* New Zealand
  • Anna Dickson, New Zealand
  • Sue Evans, M.Ed., Ed.D., Wales
  • Maria Filomena Gaspar,* Portugal
  • Stein Grondalen,* Norway
  • Michele Jones,* New Zealand
  • Hilde Mortensen, Norway
  • Desiree Murray, PhD., North Carolina, USA
  • Eadaoin O’Brien, Ireland ☀
  • Sandra Pickering,* New Zealand
  • Maria Joao Santos,* Portugal
  • Stephanie Shepard Umaschi, Rhode Island, USA
  • Kim Thomson, New Zealand
Helping Preschool Children With Autism Program
  • Sheila Russell, New Zealand
  • Lee Taylor Burt, New Zealand
Peer Coach Training
  • Dianne Lees, MA (Psych), New Zealand
  • Siri Gammelsaeter, Clin Psy., Norway