Video Testimonials

Experience the incredible impact of the Incredible Years® programs through captivating video testimonials from around the globe. Watch as parents, teachers, and group leaders share their inspiring stories and experiences, highlighting the transformative effects of the Incredible Years programs in their lives.

Program Participant Reflections

Incredible Years® Overview

What are the Incredible Years® programs? Learn about our early interventions for children and see what participants have to say about their experience. 

Parenting Program Reflections

How Incredible Years helps families with children who have ADHD:


What parents have to say about their experiences with our programs:


Parents discuss their experiences with our baby parenting program:


Outcomes of the programs:


How our parenting programs work for Head Start families:


How our programs work across different cultures:


Teacher Program Reflections

Teachers discuss their experiences with our Teacher Classroom Management Program:


Trainers discuss their experiences working with teachers:


Child Program Reflections

Teachers discuss their experiences with the Classroom Dinosaur Child Program:


Therapists and parents discuss their experiences with the Small Group Dinosaur Child Program:


Trainer reflections about program implementation:


Incredible Years® Across the Globe

Incredible Years® in the United States

This video was shared with us after it was featured at the Thompson Child and Family Focus 12th Annual Portraits of Courage Luncheon. Learn how parents in this community are gaining valuable access to parenting classes! 

Watch families in Ohio discuss how the Incredible Years® have helped them!

See the Incredible Years® Implementation at Long Beach Child & Adolescent Program in California.

Incredible Years® in Northern Ireland

Using the Incredible Years® Programs with families and communities in Northern Ireland. Watch families talk about how their lives are changing.

Incredible Years® in Dorset, England

Watch this video featuring teachers’ reflections on the Incredible Beginnings® program.

Incredible Years® in New Zealand

Watch these clips about the New Zealand implementation of the Incredible Years programs.

The first video shows The Incredible Years® Parent Program – parents perspective. The second, The Incredible Years® Teacher Classroom Management Program – teachers perspective. And the third, The Incredible Years® ASD Program – parents perspective.




Incredible Years® Parenting Program and the Māori

Watch this video about the Werry Centre’s implementation of Incredible Years® Parenting Program with the Māori in New Zealand. 

The Werry Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, based in the Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland, has brought the Incredible Years® Parent Programs to many families in New Zealand. Their goal is to strengthen parenting skills and improve the social and emotional competence of young children, reduce aggressive behaviors and improve their academic success. The Werry Centre have trained 942 parent group leaders and a priority has been to build the number of trained Māori group leaders to deliver the program to Māori families throughout New Zealand. In partnership with Māori, one of their incredible achievements has been to explore ways to weave together Māori principles, values and traditions with the core principles of the Incredible Years® program, in order to most effectively respond to the unique needs and aspirations of Māori families. This video shows you some Maori mothers and fathers talking about their experiences in the preschool parent group based program.


Incredible Years® in the West Bank, Palestine

Carolyn Webster-Stratton traveled to the West Bank to see the Incredible Years® implementation at the Holy Child Program (certified by the Palestinian Ministry of Education). They implement Incredible Years® Parent, Teacher, and Child programs. Watch this powerful video of the time Dr. Webster-Stratton spent in West Bank, and interviews with group leaders using the program!

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