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Incredible Years® Certification

To maximize the quality of group leader performance and maintain program fidelity, organizations can obtain Incredible Years certification/accreditation.

Why Is Certification Beneficial?

  • Maximized Quality: It maximizes the quality of group leader performance and program delivery fidelity.
  • Helpful Feedback: Leaders will receive extensive feedback and support from authorized and accredited Incredible Years coaches and mentors on their group leadership.
  • Career Progression: Certification grants eligibility for an invitation to continue training to become an Incredible Years Certified Peer Coach and/or Mentor of group leaders in selected programs.

Watch teacher program participants discuss the importance of certification:

Incredible Years Certified Group Leader Process Steps

1. Apply for certification

Apply for certification

Send us an application and download the additional documents you will need to submit to us.

View application forms and additional documents here

2. Begin video review

Begin video review

As a group leader, you will need to conduct at least two (2) complete sets of the program to two different groups.

A recorded video of a session must be reviewed by an Incredible Years® Certified Mentor or Trainer.

To submit a video session, you have two options:


  • Send your recorded session to us.

3. Pass video review & submit follow-up paperwork

Pass video review & submit follow-up paperwork

Once your video review has been passed by an Incredible Years® Certified Mentor or Trainer, you can submit follow-up paperwork for two (2) sets of program group sessions, including:
  • Session checklists for complete program
  • Weekly and final participant evaluations of the sessions
  • Attendance lists for each of the two groups
  • Peer-evaluation and self-evaluation forms
View application forms and additional documents here

4. Maintain ongoing fidelity

Maintain ongoing fidelity

After the follow-up items in step 3 are approved, you have passed the certification process! In order to continue delivering the program with fidelity, we highly recommend the following:
  • Accredited group leaders should lead at least one group every 18 months
  • Accredited group leaders should participate in a fidelity check every 18 months: this could be a coaching session with an accredited Peer Coach, a video review of a group by a Mentor or Trainer from the Incredible Years office, an in-person consultation day, or Skype consultation calls with a certified Mentor.
Incredible Years Group Leader

Certification Progression

The main benefit of pursuing the training and certification progression is that it promotes the sustainability of Incredible Years' high-quality implementation year over year.

The following is a progressive list of Incredible Years leadership roles offered.

1. Group Leader

The Incredible Years Group Leader is a professional who has received specialized training to facilitate and lead the Incredible Years programs.

2. Certified Group Leader

An Incredible Years Certified Group Leader has received the training to facilitate and lead the programs and has completed additional steps that involve session evaluation, peer review, etc. (see steps listed in the section above)

3. Certified Peer Coach

An Incredible Years Peer Coach is a certified IY group leader who has demonstrated competency as a peer coach using the IY coaching methods and processes. 

A peer coach has: 

  • Led 6 complete IY groups using the
    recommended session protocols.
  • Participated in the Incredible Years peer coaching workshop with trainers and has supervision from mentors or trainers.
  • Received positive evaluations of coaching received from group leaders, and trainer evaluations of video reviews of coaching provided.
4. Certified Mentor

A mentor is someone who has been certified as an Incredible Years Group Leader and Peer Coach, and has been nominated by an existing Incredible Years mentor or trainer. A mentor provides authorized Incredible Years training workshops in his or her agency as well as ongoing mentoring & supervision to group leaders whom s/he has trained.

A certified Incredible Years Mentor has:

  • Led numerous (approx 8+) IY groups with fidelity & continues to deliver groups and participate in peer review.
  • Obtained ongoing consultation from IY trainers for groups and supervision from mentors, including additional video reviews.
  • Been trained to deliver authorized workshops using standard protocols.
  • Observed mentors & trainers giving supervision and conducting workshops.
  • Mentored new group leaders by co-leading groups with them and providing video feedback.
  • Received positive trainer, mentor, and group leader evaluations
5. Certified Trainer

The Incredible Years Trainer level is by executive appointment. The Incredible Years trainer has completed certification as a group leader, peer coach, and mentor.

Additionally, the IY Trainer:

  • Possesses extensive experience with delivering the IY program and mentoring other therapists.
  • Has broad IY supervision experience.
  • Has extensive knowledge of the IY research, and other research regarding evidence-based mental health programs for children.

Certified Provider Locations

Are you interested in participating in an Incredible Years® Parent or Teacher Group, or in having your child participate in an Incredible Years Child Group? Check out our map of certified Incredible Years provider locations below.

Certified providers have passed an advanced accreditation process in order to delivery the program with maximized fidelity. 

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Interested in Incredible Years Certification?

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