Efficacy of the Incredible Years Group Parent Program With Families in Head Start With a Child Maltreatment History

The IY parenting program has positive impacts for parents with a history of reported child maltreatment. While similar benefits were observed for both groups of parents in this study, results support delivering evidence-based parenting programs of longer duration and higher intensity than often used by agencies in the community serving parents in contact with child welfare. Practice: Agencies serving parents referred for child maltreatment should carefully examine the characteristics of the parenting programs they deliver. Use of a parenting program that has a sound base of empirical support, such as IY, and sufficient intensity and duration are likely necessary to make substantial changes in parents’ child-rearing practices.

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Year: 2013
Bibliography: Hurlburt, M. S., Nguyen, K., Reid, M. J., Webster-Stratton, C., & Zhang, J. 2013. Child Abuse and Neglect. 37, 531-543.
Authors: Hurlburt, Nguyen, Reid, Webster-Stratton, Zhang