Weighing in on the Time-Out Controversy: An Empirical Perspective

Year: 2015
Bibliography: Quetsch, L. B., Wallace, N. M., Herschell, A. D., & McNeil, C. B. (2015). Weighing in on the Time-Out Controversy: An Empirical Perspective.  The Clinical Psychologist, 68(2), 4–19.
Authors: Quetsch, Wallace, Herschell, McNeil


Appropriate implementation of timeout has been shown for decades to produce positive outcomes ranging from the reduction in child problem behaviors to reduced levels of child maltreatment. Although the literature indicating positive outcomes on time-out is abundant, time-out continues to elicit controversy. While this controversy has been long-standing, more recent, outspoken sceptics have contested time-out using widelyviewed mediums. Unfortunately, critics present arguments against time-out without consulting the abundant, empirical literature on its positive effects. Moreover, these misinformed views can have devastating consequences by swaying families away from appropriate time-out implementation who may otherwise benefit. This paper utilizes the breadth of research on time-out to addresses myths surrounding its implementation.

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