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Troubled Families Problem Children (Book: Chapter 4)

There is a rather large body of literature describing the content of parent training programs. For example, strategies such as Time Out, Beta Commands, Praise, Differential Attention, Response Cost, and so on, along with the behavioral principles that underlie them, have been carefully described in detail. But descriptions of the content of parent training do not elucidate the mechanisms or ongoing processes of parent training-that is, the processes and strategies which therapists can use to try to change or modify parents; behaviors, attitudes, and practices- and the literature contains comparatively little discussion of the actual therapeutic processes utilized by therapists in such intervention programs.

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Year: 1994
Bibliography: Webster-Stratton, C. and Herbert, M. Chichester, England, John Wiley and sons. 1994.
Authors: Webster-Stratton, Herbert, , ,

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