The Leader Observation Tool: a process skills treatment fidelity measure for the Incredible Years parenting programme Observation Tool (LOT): A process skills treatment fidelity measure for the Incre

photoBACKGROUND: Despite recognition of the need to deliver evidence-based programmes in the field of mental health, there is little emphasis on implementing such programmes with fidelity. Attempts by programme developers to ensure adherence to their programmes include the development of training, manuals and content scales, but these alone may be insufficient to ensure fidelity in replication. Observational measures lend themselves as a potentially useful assessment of intervention outcomes, providing accurate and objective accounts of the intervention process.

AIM: To develop a reliable and valid observational treatment fidelity tool of process skills required to deliver the Incredible Years (IY) BASIC parenting programme effectively. Methods An objective observational fidelity measure was developed to assess adherence to the IY BASIC parenting programme protocol. Observations were conducted on 12 IY BASIC parenting programme groups, attended by parents of pre-school children displaying signs of early onset conduct disorder.

RESULTS: The Leader Observation Tool (LOT) achieved high internal reliability and good code?recode and inter-rater reliability. Evidence of concurrent validity was also obtained. Conclusions Having demonstrated that the LOT is a reliable and valid measure of implementation fidelity, further research is necessary to examine the relationship between LOT scores and intervention outcome.

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Year: 2007
Bibliography: Eames, C., Daley D., Hutchings, J., Hughes, J.C., Jones, K., Martin, P., Bywater, T., 2007. Child: care, health and development. 34, 3, 391-400. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2214.2008.00828.x.
Authors: Eames, Daley, Hutchings, Hughes, Bywater