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The Incredible Years Teacher Training: Using Coaching to Support Generalization to Real World Classroom Settings

This article focuses on the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Training (IY TCM) intervention as an example of an evidence-based program that embeds coaching within its design. First, the core features of the IY TCM program are described. Second, the IY TCM coaching model and processes utilized to facilitate high fidelity of implementation of IY TCM by classroom teachers are highlighted. The goal is to demonstrate the use of coaching as a support system toward effective generalization of the IY TCM strategies among teachers with diverse backgrounds and skills who work with students with varying developmental, academic, and social-emotional needs. Implications for school psychologists, researchers, and implementation science are discussed.

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Bibliography: Reinke, W.M., Stormont, M., Webster-Stratton, C., Newcomer, L., & Herman, K.C. (2012). Psychology in the Schools, 49(5), 416-428. DOI: 10.1002/pits.21608.

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