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Teaching classroom management – a potential public health intervention?

Year: 2015
Bibliography: Marlow, R., Hansford, L., Edwards, V., Ukoumunne, O., Norman, S., & Ingarfield, S. (2015). Teaching classroom management – a potential public health intervention? Health Education 115(3/4). 230-248. DOI 10.1108/HE-03-2014-0030
Authors: Marlow, Hansford, Edwards, Ukoumunne, Norman, & Ingarfield

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore the feasibility of a classroom management course as a public health intervention. Improved socio-emotional skills may boost children’s developmental and academic trajectory, while the costs of behaviour problems are enormous for schools with considerable impact on others’ well-being.
Design/methodology/approach – In total, 40 teachers attended the Incredible Years (IY) Teacher Classroom Management (TCM) intervention in groups of ten. Afterwards teachers attended focus groups and semi-structured interviews were completed with headteachers to explore whether TCM was feasible, relevant and useful, research processes were acceptable and if it influenced teachers’ practice and pupils. Teachers completed standardised questionnaires about their professional self-efficacy, burnout and well-being before and after attendance.
Findings – In all, 37/40 teachers completed the course. Teachers valued sharing experiences, the support of colleagues in the group and time out to reflect on practice and rehearse new techniques. Most teachers reported that they applied the strategies with good effect in their classrooms. Teachers’ questionnaires suggested an improvement in their self-efficacy in relation to classroom management ( p¼0.03); other scales changed in the predicted direction but did not reach statistical significance.

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