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Teaching Children to Problem-Solve through Puppet Play Interactions

Webster-Stratton, C., Reid, J.M. (2018). Teaching Children to Problem-Solve through Puppet Play Interactions. In A.A. Drewes and C.E. Schaefer (Eds.), Puppets in Play Therapy: A Practical Guidebook (pp. 130-142). New York: Routledge.



In this chapter, we will focus on how we use puppets in the Incredible Years Dinosaur Program to teach children emotional management and problem solving skills. The puppets in this curriculum are large, multi-ethnic, child-size boy and girl puppets that are chosen to represent the children in the groups. Moreover, like children, the puppets regularly change their clothing according to the climate and local customs or they may wear glasses, hearing, aids, or have a broken arm in a cast to match issues the experiences of children in the group. While these large puppets are ideal, clinicians may use almost any puppet with a moving mouth. Young children, ages 4-8 years are enthralled with puppets and will talk with them about painful or sensitive issues more easily than an adult.

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