Children aged 4–8 years treated with parent training and child therapy because of conduct problems: generalisation effects to day-care and school settings

In the present study, generalisation effects from home to day-care/school settings were examined in a clinic sample of children aged 4-8 years treated because of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) or Conduct Disorder (CD) with The Incredible Years Parent Training programme or Parent Training combined with Classroom Training.

A striking characteristic of the sample was that 83% of the children exhibited clinical levels of conduct problems both at home and in day-care or school settings before treatment. Overall, the combined Parent Training + Classroom Training treatment produced more positive generalisation effects than the Parent Training only group, in particular after treatment. Analyses of differences between group means between pre- and posttreatment were conducted by means of ANCOVAs using pretreatment scores as covariate and treatment condition.

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Year: 2006
Bibliography: Drugli, M.B., Larsson, B. 2006. Child Adolescent Psychiatry. 15:392-399.
Authors: Drugli, Larsson