Preliminary data on the efficacy of the Incredible Years Basic Parent Programme in New Zealand

While there is now compelling evidence for the efficacy of parent management training programmes in reducing rates of childhood conduct problems, installing these programmes into a new social context such as New Zealand raises a number of issues. In particular, before such programmes can be accepted as part of established practice in a new context there is a requirement to show (i) that these programmes can be delivered effectively within that context; (ii) that programme efficacy in the new context is established; and (iii) that the cultural appropriateness of the programme is assessed.

Against this background, the present research note summarizes the findings of a preliminary examination of the effectiveness and cultural acceptability of the Incredible Years Basic Parent Programme delivered in New Zealand.

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Year: 2009
Bibliography: Fergusson, D., Stanley, L., and Horwood, L. J. 2009. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. 43:1,76-79. URL:
Authors: Fergusson, Stanley, Horwood, ,