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Parenting a young child with conduct problems: New insights using qualitative methods

What is qualitative research? Why should we do it? After all, isn't quantitative research the only "legitimate" method of scientific research - objective, verifiable, and methodologically rigorous? Does qualitative research have scientific integrity? Is it reliable? Valid? Generalizable? Can it add anything new to the findings of quantitative research? Is it publishable? After all, haven't psychology journals adhered almost exclusively to quantitative models of research? These are some of the questions the first author of this paper asked herself when the second author suggested that they undertake a qualitative analysis of parents' experiences living with their conduct-problem children.

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Year: 1996
Bibliography: Webster-Stratton, C. & Spitzer, A., University of Washington. 1996. T. H. Ollendick & R. S. Prinz (Eds.), Advances in Clinical Child Psychology. Vol.18.
Authors: Webster-Stratton, Spitzer, , ,

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