Parent Management Training for Solo Mothers of Children Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: An Effectiveness and Multiple Baseline Evaluation

Assessed the effectiveness of ?The Incredible Years Parent Training Program? on the functioning of families of children with ADHD within a community clinic setting. A multiple baseline across participants design was employed with four research participants in a group of nine parents attending a 2-hour treatment session weekly for twenty weeks, with planned booster sessions at 2 and 4 months following treatment. Participants were all solo mothers with sons between 6 and 9 years of age who met the DSM IV criteria for ADHD. Family functioning was assessed from the pre-treatment interview schedule, measures of child behavior (Conners, Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire, daily ratings of child behavior) and parental functioning (BDI-II, Parental Stress Index, weekly ratings on specific areas of family functioning, group goals). Participants also completed program satisfaction and evaluation measures. Results overall showed (a) some improvement in teacher and parent reports of child behavior, including targeted child behavior goals, (b) improved targeted family functioning problems, (c) increased parental confidence, (d) reduced stress and depression levels for most parent participants, and (e) reports of better parent-child relationships. Additionally, participants all reported being highly satisfied with the program. Findings support the use of the Incredible Years Parent Training Program and planned booster sessions as an effective low cost intervention to improve the functioning of solo mothers and of children with ADHD. Discussion considers the use of this intervention in an overall multiple gating, stepped care approach, particularly in light of a need for continuing services for one of the mothers.

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Year: 2005
Bibliography: Lees, D.G., and Ronan, K.R., Massey University Palmerston North New Zealand. 2005.
Authors: Lees, Ronan, , ,