Parent and Group Leader Reflections on a Group-Based Programme for Parents and Babies

photoNew IY programmes for parents of toddlers and babies were recently developed in Seattle by Carolyn Webster-Stratton, Ph.D. The 12-week toddler parenting programme has been the subject of a Welsh Government funded separate evaluation. The eight-week programme discusses appropriate stimulation and aims to increase parental sensitivity to their babies' cues, encourage the development of parent support networks and highlight safety issues. Parents and their babies meet weekly with two trained leaders for twohour sessions. Updates on their infants' activities and development are shared in a safe and supportive environment. Parents are encouraged to implement the programme strategies in their daily activities at home.

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Year: 2012
Bibliography: Catrin H Jones, C. H., Hutchings, J., Erjavec, M., Hughes, J. C. 2012. Community Practitioner. 85(11): 26?29.
Authors: Jones, Hutchings, Erjavec, Hughes,