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Modification of Mothers' Behaviors and Attitudes Through Parent Education Based on Videotape Modeling.

A diversity of parent training methods have emerged. Parents have been trained individually and in groups, both in the home and in the laboratory, by means of didactic lectures, sddigned readings, programmed materials, group discussions, and videotape. Specific goals of the study were:

1. To examine the effect of the program on the mothers' attitudes of confidence, acceptance, trust, understanding, and causation.

2. to examine the effect of the program in changing the mothers' behaviors.

3. to examine the effect of the program six-to-eight weeks after termination of the program.

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Year: 1980
Bibliography: Webster-Stratton, C. 9/1980. Journal of Communicating Nursing Research. 13, 61-67.
Authors: Webster-Stratton, , , , 

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