Innovation of Incredible Years: Where we have been and where do we go from here?

Webster-Stratton, C.W. (2019) Innovation of Incredible Years: Where we have been and where do we go from here? In A.M. Feinberg (Ed.), Designing Effective Prevention and Public Health Programs: Expert Program Developers Explain the Science and the Art (in press).


The Incredible Years (IY) Series developer reviews the rationale and theories underlying the framework structure, content, methods, processes and rationale for the development of the Incredible Years Parent, Teacher and Child Programs. She discusses her early personal and professional experiences leading to her passion to develop, evaluate and continue to refine cost-effective, group-based video-based intervention programs for supporting parents of young children (birth to 12 years) in parenting strategies that strengthen their children’s social, emotional, language and academic development as well as prevent child abuse and neglect and treat child conduct problems. Based on the first decade of her research and experiential lessons learned from working with parents she takes this learning further to develop and evaluate new video-based programs for training teachers and children in order to expand the impact and breadth of outcomes to a variety of populations such as children with conduct and internalizing problems, ADHD, developmental delays and autism as well as higher risk populations due to poverty and new immigrant status. Once the evidence based for these programs had been established she then explores a parallel training process of using group-based video modeling, role play practice and experiential learning, support and collaborative methods for training and certifying IY clinicians, coaches and mentors and ensuring that the programs are delivered with fidelity within agencies.

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