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Incredible Years follow-up study: Long-term follow-up of the New Zealand Incredible Years Pilot Study

As part of the Drivers of Crime work programme the Ministries of Education, Health and Social Development established a pilot study of the Incredible Years Parent (IYP) programme to assess its effectiveness in reducing conduct problems in a New Zealand context. ?? The New Zealand Incredible Years Pilot Study provided evidence to suggest that IYP, a programme developed overseas, can be successfully implemented in New Zealand and retain its general level of effectiveness for both M?ori and non-M?ori families. The Follow-up Study investigated the longterm outcomes for 136 (82%) of the 166 children and parents who were in the original sample. The key finding of the Follow-up Study is that the IYP programme outcomes were maintained over the 30-month follow-up with no diminution in the size of effects for almost all of the outcome measures.

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Year: 2014
Bibliography: Strurrock, F., et al., Incredible Years Follow-up Study M.o.S. Development, Editor. 2014.
Authors: Sturrock, Gray, Fergusson, Horwood, Smits

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