Improving Therapist Fidelity During Implementation of Evidence-based Practices: Incredible Years Program

photo Objective: The aim of the study was to extend research on the potential benefits of adding ongoing feedback, coaching, and consultation to initial therapist training workshops to ensure fidelity of delivery of evidence based practices, specifically for the Incredible Years parenting program.

Methods: A randomized controlled trial compared two models for training therapists to deliver the parenting program for children at high risk of developing conduct problems. Therapists (N=56) from ten community based mental health service organizations in California were trained in either a three-day workshop model (N=25), based on active, experiential, self-reflective, principle-based learning, video modeling, and manuals, or an enhanced training model (N=31) that included all elements of the workshop model plus ongoing expert coaching, video review of and feedback on group sessions, and consultation for therapists and agency supervisors.

Results: Overall fidelity across both conditions was rated >3 on a 5-point scale in seven of eight domains measured. Therapists in the condition that received ongoing coaching and consultation were significantly stronger in four of the domains: practical support, collaboration, knowledge, and skill at mediating vignettes. Conclusions: Consultation and expert coaching for training therapists beyond the standard three-day training enhanced skills and therapists' adherence to the model. (Psychiatric Services 65:789?795, 2014; doi: 10.1176/

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Year: 2014
Bibliography: Webster-Stratton, C., Reid M.J., and Marsenich, L. 2014. Psychiatric Services, Vol. 65 No. 6. 65:789?795. Online:
Authors: Webster-Stratton, Reid, Marsenich, ,