Implementing Evidence-Based Practices: Six "Drivers" of Success. Part 3 in a Series on Fostering the Adoption of Evidence-Based Practices in Out-Of-School Time Programs

In most cases, implementation strategies have been limited to paper-based manuals that focus on describing interventions without providing complementary information on necessary implementation resources and activities. Because of this, they do not facilitate the real-world application of innovative, research-based practice.

Recently, researchers have begun to study implementation in an effort to understand the key ingredients for successful program implementation. This brief will define implementation, highlight why the effective implementation of evidence-based practices is critical to achieving outcomes, and outline six core components that drive successful program implementation, referred to as "drivers."

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Year: 2007
Bibliography: Metz, A. J., PhD., Blase, K., PhD., and Bowie, L., M.A. 2007. Child Trends ( Brief Research to Results. Publication #2007-29.
Authors: Metz, Blas?, Bowie, ,