Illustrating the Multiple Facets and Levels of Fidelity of Implementation to a Teacher Classroom Management Intervention

Many school-based interventions to promote student mental health rely on teachers as implementers. Thus, understanding the interplay between the multiple domains of fidelity to the intervention and intervention support systems such as coaching and teacher implementation of new skills is an important aspect of implementation science. This study describes a systematic process for assessingmultiple domains of fidelity. Data from a larger efficacy trial of the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management (IY TCM) program are utilized. Data on fidelity to the IY TCMworkshop training sessions and onsite weekly coaching indicate that workshop leaders and the IY TCM coach implemented the training and coaching model with adequate adherence. Further, workshop leaders? ratings of engagement were associated with teacher implementation of specific praise, following training on this content. Lastly, the IY TCM coach differentiation of teacher exposure to coaching was evaluated and found to be associated with teacher implementation of classroom management practices and student disruptive behavior.

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Year: 2013
Bibliography: Reinke, W., Herman, K., Stormant, M., Newcomer, L., David, K., 2013. Adm Policy Ment Health, DOI 10.1007/s10488-013-0496-2.
Authors: Reinke, Herman, Stormant, Newcomer, David