Evaluation of a Group Treatment Programme for Parents of Children with Behavioural Disorders

photoThis study set out to evaluate the use of a video based parent training programme (The Webster?Stratton Programme) in the management of children referred to child mental health services for treatment of behaviour problems. Following diagnostic assessment children were assigned to one of two groups: parents of both groups completed the parenting programme and, in addition, in the second group the child received an intervention appropriate to his/her clinical presentation. The waiting list control group waited 3 months prior to allocation to either treatment group. Standardised rating scales were administered pre-treatment, post-treatment and at 6-month follow-up to both treatment groups, and at an interval of 3 months to the control group. Improvement was significantly greater in both the treatment groups than in the control group. Parenting training programmes are an effective intervention in the management of clinic-referred children with behaviour disorders.

Abstract only

Year: 2001
Bibliography: Connolly, L., Sharry, J., and Fitzpatrick, C. 2001. Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 6(4), 159-165.
Authors: Connolly, Sharry, Fitzpatrick, ,