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Early Intervention in Pediatrics Offices for Emerging Disruptive Behavior in Toddlers

photo This study provides preliminary data about a parenting intervention for families of preschoolers with early attention deficit hyperactivity disorder/oppositional defiant disorder symptoms carried out in two diverse primary care pediatric offices. Mothers reported improvements in parenting skills and a decrease in stress. Mothers and providers reported high levels of satisfaction. Results support the benefits and feasibility of providing parenting education groups to parents of toddlers in pediatric practice settings.

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Year: 2011
Bibliography: McMenamy, J., Sheldrick, C. R., & Perrin, E. C. 2011. Journal of Pediatric Health Care. Vol.25.2. Doi:10.1016/j.pedhc.2009.08.008
Authors: McMenamy, Sheldrick, Perrin, , 

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