Early Childhood Family Intervention and Long-term Obesity Prevention Among High-risk Minority Youth

photo Two long-term follow-up studies of randomized trials show that relative to controls, youth at risk for behavior problems who received family intervention at age 4 had lower BMI and improved health behaviors as they approached adolescence. Efforts to promote effective parenting and prevent behavior problems early in life may contribute to the reduction of obesity and health disparities.

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Year: 2012
Bibliography: Brotman, L.M., Dawson-McClure, S., Huang, K., Theise, R., Kamboukos, D., Wang, J., Petkova, E., and Ogedegbe, G. 2012. Pediatrics. DOI: 10.1542/peds.2011-1568.
Authors: Brotman, Dawson-McClure, Huang, Kamboukos, Wang