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Affirming diversity: Multi-cultural collaboration to deliver the incredible years parent programs

While cultural adaptations have been made for specific cultural groups, the appeal of the more generic but culturally sensitive EBP is that it is cost effective and allows for more flexibility in program delivery because it can be used with heterogeneous cultural groups rather than single culture groups. Multicultural groups can also foster greater understanding among parents of differing cultural backgrounds and experiences leading to more tolerant and respectful communities. The challenge of this approach is to train therapists to provide the EBPs using culturally sensitive principles that are generalizeable across cultures. The Incredible Years (IY) Parenting program has shown promising effects in many random control group studies with diverse cultures in United States as well as in numerous other countries. This paper reviews the principles embedded deeply in the IY program, which are designed to provide a culturally sensitive structure to the delivery of the program.

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Year: 2009
Bibliography: Webster-Stratton, C. 2009. International Journal of Child Health and Human Development. V.2.1. pp. 17-32. ISSN: 1936-5965.
Authors: Webster-Stratton

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