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Adopting and Implementing empirically supported interventions: A recipe for success

Over the past thirty years, hundreds of carefully controlled studies have demonstrated that there exist today a number of effective therapies and services for children and families which can reduce behaviour problems and delinquency, improve mental health, assist abusive parents to improve their child-rearing, and increase family functioning (Weisz and Weiss, 1993). Yet in spite of this evidence, few empirically supported interventions have been widely adopted in applied settings (Kazdin, Bass, Ayers, and Rodgers, 1991). In the paper, we describe an empirically supported parenting intervention developed and evaluated by the first author, including the strategies used to make it easy for clinicians in the field to implement with integrity.

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Year: 1998
Bibliography: Webster-Stratton, C., and Taylor, E.T. 1998. A. Buchanan & B. L. Hudson (Eds.). Aldershoot, England: Ashgate Pub.
Authors: Webster-Stratton, Taylor, , , 

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