Adapting The Incredible Years, An Evidence-Based Parenting Programme, For Families Involved In The Child Welfare System

Webster-Stratton, C., & Reid, M. J. (2010). Adapting The Incredible Years, an evidence-based parenting programme, for families involved in the child welfare system. Journal of Children’s Services, 5(1), 25-42.


Families referred to child welfare for maltreatment and neglect are frequently mandated to attend parenting programmes. Evidence-based parenting programmes (EBPs) are underutilized or not delivered with fidelity for this population. The Incredible Years (IY) Parenting programme is an EPB that has been proven to reduce harsh parenting, increase positive discipline and nurturing parenting, reduce conduct problems, and improve children's social competence. There is also promising preliminary evidence that IY is an effective for families involved in child welfare (Hurlburt, Nguyen, Reid, Webster-Stratton, & Zhang, under review) and for foster parents (Linares, Montalto, MinMin, & S., 2006). The current paper describes how the updated IY parenting basic programme is delivered with fidelity to this population.

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