A Preliminary Evaluation of the Incredible Years Teacher Programme

This study reports on analysis of official record data gathered on 237 primary teachers enrolled in the Incredible Years Teacher (IYT) programme during 2010-2011. IYT is a group based programme that provides teachers with training in skills to manage disruptive classroom behaviours. Before and after comparisons showed that after the provision of IYT teachers reported significant (p < 0.001) increases in the frequency of use and usefulness of positive behaviour management strategies. In addition there were generally high levels of teacher satisfaction with various aspects of the programme including: the overall programme; teaching strategies used in the course; specific teaching techniques; and workshop leaders. These findings provide preliminary evidence of the efficacy of IYT and teacher satisfaction with the programme. It is suggested that further evaluations of the programme are conducted using a randomised wait list design.

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Year: 2013
Bibliography: Fergusson, D.M., Horwood, L.J., Stanley, L., 2013. The New Zealand Journal of Psychology Vol 42, Issue 2, 2013 (ISSN: 1179-7924), 51-56.
Authors: Fergusson, Horwood, Stanley, ,