A Parenting Intervention for Childhood Behavioral Problems: A Randomized Controlled Trial In Disadvantaged Community-Based Settings

photo This study, one of the first within a European context, focused on a high-risk sample recruited from real-world urban settings and showed significantly improved child and parent outcomes following a parenting intervention delivered by regular, communitybased service staff. The findings reported here support the importance of early childhood intervention and the utility of evidencebased parenting programs in community-based services in different cultural contexts and in settings characterized by high levels of social disadvantage. This work is an important step in the development, evaluation, and delivery of empirically validated interventions for vulnerable young children with conduct problems and their families. These findings should serve to guide future policy and practice decisions for governments and practitioners who are considering investing in and/or delivering the Incredible Years BASIC Parenting program for children with behavioral problems in disadvantaged communities across different geographical and cultural contexts.

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Year: 2012
Bibliography: McGilloway, S., Ni Mhaille, G., Bywater, T., Furlong, M., Leckey, Y., Kelly, P., Comiskey, C. & Donnelly, M. 2012. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Vol. 80(1), 116-127. DOI: 10.1037/a0026304.
Authors: McGilloway, Bywater, Leckey, Comiskey, Donnelly