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Wally's Detective Books for Children

These small books are designed for parents and teachers to use with children in small groups or one-on-one. Wally encounters difficult situations and learns lessons and children can suggest possible solutions. (Sold as set of four.)

Book One: Wally's Detective Book for Solving Problems at School
Book one consists of 28 difficult situations Wally encounters at school. Problem scenarios include: being left out by peers, being teased and bullied by other kids, being poked, feeling unpopular, losing at a game, forgetting to do homework, having trouble with writing, stealing, and not feeling liked by a teacher. The parent or teacher uses the book by reading the child a scenario and asking them for possible solutions. After discussing a few solutions, the adult and child act out the scenario with puppets. The adult and child may also look to the back of the book to see the solution Wally chose for the problem.

Book Two: Wally's Detective Book for Solving Problems at Home
Book two consists of 22 difficult situations Wally encounters at home. Examples include: being scared to stay overnight at a friend's house, sibling difficulties with sharing, parents fighting, losing a belonging, and feeling discouraged that something is too hard. The parents or teacher read, act out and discuss the situation as described in the scenarios in book one.

Book Three: Wally Meets Dina Dinosaur
This book is the story of Wally who is 7 years old, has difficulty sitting still and gets in trouble for blurting out answers during class. Wally feels rejected by other kids and continually feels his teacher is angry with him. In this book Wally meets Dina Dinosaur who teaches him a few essential rules for surviving at school and at home. This book can be used to discuss classroom rules or can be used with children with ADHD or conduct problems. After reading this book with students, teachers may conduct small group activities where students draw pictures or write stories about each of Dina's survival rules.

Book Four: Wally Learns a Lesson from Tiny Turtle
In book four Tiny Turtle teaches Wally how to manage his anger by going into his shell to calm down. Wally uses his imaginary shell to stay calm during a baseball game.

Tips for Using the Small Wally Books:

The Wally Problem Solving books are intended to be used interactively by parents or teachers with children. Make a goal to work on 1-2 problems at a time. Feel free to paraphrase the problems to fit the child's particular strengths and weaknesses or developmental level. Make sure to listen to any comments or questions the child has about what is happening in the picture. Explore the character's feelings with the child. As the child is brainstorming solutions, accept any answer (even one that is not pro-social). If the child does not have any ideas, suggest one yourself or look together at Wally's solutions in the back of the book. When you are ready to act out or role-play the solutions, make sure to select a friendly solution for the practice! Start your role-play after the problem has occurred so that you are not modeling the negative behavior. E.g. "Okay, I'll be Molly and you can be Wally. Let's pretend that Molly just teased your puppet and you can try that solution of saying 'please stop.'"

Older children will enjoy keeping track of how many solutions they have used and working towards Wally's detective club by filling out the magnifying glass point chart in the front of the book.