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The Incredible Years Parents, Teachers, and Children Training Series: Program Content, Methods, Research and Dissemination, 1980–2011

The Incredible Years Parents, Teachers and Children’s Series are evidence-based programs evaluated in numerous randomized control group studies by the developer and other independent researchers to prevent and treat behavior problems in young children. This series was selected as a Blueprints for Violence Prevention program in 2001 because it was shown to reduce risk factors for violence and crime. Additionally the programs have been shown to promote protective factors such as positive parenting and teaching focused on strengthening children’s social and emotional competence and school readiness.

This book is an update of the 2001 Blueprints Book Eleven and provides a synthesis of 30 years of research as well as detailed descriptions of each the programs which were updated in 2008. In addition, information about disseminating the programs in ways that assure program fidelity delivery and help agencies and schools develop stable infrastructures is described. Links to other documents and forms on the web site are included.

Preview the book (PDF). This is a read-only version of the book:
The Incredible Years Parents, Teachers, and Children's Training Series