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Jeannie Gordon’s work with Families in Essex

Our incredible Mentor in Colchester, Essex, UK, Jeannie Gordon, has recently shared with us outcomes from her implementation of Incredible Years Parenting programs with parents of children with ADHD in Essex for two years, from January 2021 through December 2022. During this time, 5 parenting courses were run, with 54 parents having completed their course.

Parents who finished the courses completed the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire. The SDQ results were very positive and showed that 89% of the parents who attended a group experienced improvement in their children’s behaviour. Parents’ satisfaction with the course was very high, as well.

In addition, the outcomes report shares parents’ goals when starting the Incredible Years Parenting course, their feedback on the course, and parent testimonials.

Jeannie Gordon is the founder and director of The Ministry of Parenting (MoP). Based Colchester, UK, MoP is a small non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC).  MoP works with children, young people, parents, professionals, and organizations. Their main activities are the delivery of a range of parenting groups/workshops, young people’s workshops, one to one parent coaching and professional parent programme training. MoP supports parents, young people, and professionals on all aspects of parenting i.e., ADHD, ADS, self-harm, positive discipline, managing the teenage years, and separation issues.

Debbi Barnes and Jeannie Gordon

Jeannie is a mentor in the Incredible Years Baby, Preschool, School aged and Home Coaching programmes.

Jeannie is also author of the FLASH (Families Learning about Self- Harm) and STOP (A Supportive Programme For Parents of Teenagers) programmes. Alongside her co-director and co-author Debbi Barnes, she delivers training in the programmes mentioned above plus SHARPS (Supporting Holistic Approaches-Risk, Parents & Self-Harm) and group skills training.  

Jeannie first received Basic Parent Group Leader training in 1998, and has delivered Incredible Years groups for 25 years. These have included the Baby, Preschool, School Age, and the Autism Spectrum & Language Delays Parenting programmes, and the Dinosaur School Child program. For the last few years Jeannie has focused on working with parents with children with ADHD. Currently, Jeannie is concentrating on Parent Group Leader Training workshop delivery, to train new group leaders. Her hope is that this will enable more services across the county and country to be equipped to run these groups.

Cheers to Jeannie and all that she has accomplished!

Read the report: 2021-2023 Project Report: Incredible Years Parenting Group Project for parents of children with ADHD

MoP website