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New Hot Tips for Using Behavior Plans in IY Teacher Training Programs

by Carolyn Webster-Stratton, Ph.D.

Throughout the Incredible Years Teacher Training Programs (Teacher Classroom Management, Incredible Beginnings, and the Teacher Autism Program) participants complete self-reflection inventories and have opportunities to set specific professional goals. These goals encourage them to refine their teaching practice, incorporate new strategies, and help embed Incredible Years principles in their daily teaching work.

The Incredible Years behavior plans provide an additional self-reflection and goal setting process that encourages the teachers to consider the specific needs and strengths of an individual child, rather than a group of children. These Hot Tips explain how IY group leaders can introduce the concept of developing behavior plans to teachers and childcare providers for a selected student.

Download new Tips For Effectively Using Behavior Plans in IY Teacher Training Programs

See IY web site for editable versions of these behavior plans: