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Celebrating Achievements in Ireland and Northern Ireland

Cheers to all of the wonderful Incredible Years group leaders in Ireland and Northern Ireland who are working hard to support families in your communities!

Over the years, 2539 group leaders have been trained to provide Incredible Years programs in the Republic of Ireland, and 1620 group leaders have been trained to provide IY in Northern Ireland.

Cross-border support for families in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland

In Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, the cross-border work continues, through the support of The Changing Lives Initiative, to provide Incredible Years parenting programs for families with children aged 3-7 experiencing behaviors consistent with ADHD. The Changing Lives Initiative is comprised of five partner organizations: Archways, Colin Neighbourhood Partnership, Dundalk Institute of Technology, The Genesis Programme (Louth Leader Partnership) and NHS Highland. Learn more about their incredible work: The Changing Lives Initiative: An Early Intervention Approach to ADHD

IY ASD Program in Northern Ireland

Incredible Years Parenting Programs have been offered extensively in Northern Ireland for some time. In 2018, our friends in Northern Ireland added our Autism Parenting Program to their suite of Incredible Years program offerings. An evaluation of IY ASD program delivery found positive results: Incredible Years Autism Spectrum and Language Delays Programme Evaluation Report.

IY TCM Program in Ireland

For more than ten years, psychologists from the Irish National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) have been collaborating with primary schools in their community and delivering the Incredible Years® Teacher Classroom Management program. In 2021, two studies evaluating implementation of the IY TCM program in Ireland were published.

The first, Exploring the impact of Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management training on teacher psychological outcomes, included 368 Irish primary school teachers, looking at the potential impact of classroom management training on teacher psychological outcomes. Their findings suggest that there are benefits to teachers’ wellbeing and feeling of self-efficacy from IY Teacher Classroom Management Training as teachers learn positive strategies to manage challenging student behaviors.

The second study, Sustained CPD as an effective approach in the delivery of the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management programme, considered the experiences of teachers receiving IY Teacher Classroom Management program training as part of their continuing professional development. The study found the TCM program to be an effective program for use in teacher continuing professional development. The study highlights the importance of teacher group leaders tailoring the program to the needs of the participants, using the collaborative model, and providing sustained support.

Cheers to these incredible group leaders and your commitment to promote the well-being of children in your communities!