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Families First Continues Work in Florida

Since 2004, the UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI’S FAMILIES FIRST PROGRAM, funded by The Children’s Trust, has successfully provided evidence-based, relationship-focused, culturally competent, family strengthening parenting services for parents and caregivers with young children (birth to age 3) throughout Miami-Dade County. Goals include improving the system of care and building resources for parents, strengthening families and promoting optimal child health and development, ensuring the delivery of high-quality standardized parenting activities, ensuring that activities are culturally competent and sensitive, and enhancing parent and community involvement to optimize parent resources. Project activities are based on best- practice concepts from child development theory and research that supports the importance of promoting positive parent-child relationships to facilitate optimal child development.

Program Prevention and Intervention Activities

FAMILIES FIRST partners with over 20 community organizations, childcare facilities, and health care sites to implement and evaluate evidence-based, culturally competent parenting activities. Although enrollment is County-wide, many of the groups are conducted in neighborhoods that include: low-income high-risk families, teen mothers, and families of children with substance abuse issues and/or chronic health conditions. Services are offered in English and Spanish and groups are provided throughout the day to accommodate family interests, schedules, and needs.

Parenting Groups

FAMILIES FIRST offers FREE parenting groups for parents of children ages birth through 3 years throughout Miami-Dade County in both English and Spanish. Families First currently offers The Incredible Years Toddler Basic Parenting Program for parents/caregivers of children 1-3. Groups have broad enrollment outreach and are offered in community-based and childcare settings. This year, Families First will be offering the Incredible Years Baby Parenting Program.