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Celebrating Incredible Years® in Slovenia!

Incredible Years® Parenting Programs began in Slovenia in March 2015, for prevention and early intervention of conduct problems in children. To date, IY has trained 124 parent group leaders in Slovenia, and over 2000 parents have been reached with Incredible Years® Parenting Programs.

In 2018, the first Slovenian group leaders were trained to implement the Incredible Years® Teacher Classroom Management program. To date, IY has trained 40 teacher group leaders in Slovenia, and approximately 300 teachers have been reached with the IY TCM program.

This fall, Incredible Years® Program Developer Carolyn Webster-Stratton, PhD, prepared a video presentation for an event held on October 10th and 11th in Slovenia, with the Slovenian Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, as well as Ministry of Work, Families, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

In her presentation, Carolyn focused on the Incredible Years® Teacher programs (Teacher Classroom Management, Incredible Beginnings®, and the Teacher Autism program), and how the IY Teacher programs can be used to help support young children’s social & emotional competence and school readiness.

Incredible Years® Program Developer Carolyn Webster-Stratton discusses the Incredible Years® Teacher Training Programs

An estimated 70-100 people were planned to attend the event in Slovenia, including head teachers and school professionals, professionals from local mental health services, and Slovenian Incredible Years group leaders.

Congratulations to our friends in Slovenia for your commitment to supporting parents, teachers, and children in your community!