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Celebrating Invest in Kids’ Incredible Outcomes!

Our friends at Invest in Kids in Denver, Colorado, have recently shared with us their 2021-2022 outcomes evaluation report for the suite of Incredible Years® programs they support throughout the state of Colorado – Classroom Dina Dinosaur School, Teacher Classroom Management (TCM), and the Preschool BASIC Parenting Program.

Highlights from the Invest in Kids 2021-2022 Report of The Incredible Years® in Colorado

 by Erin Albrecht, Ph.D., Data and Evaluation Manager, Invest in Kids

Invest in Kids (IIK) is excited to share that the 2021-2022 Report of The Incredible Years® (IY) in Colorado is now available! This report features teacher, parent, and facilitator stories, demographic information about the students, teachers, and parents that were served by IY programming in Colorado last year, as well as the outcomes for Dinosaur School, Teacher Classroom Management (TCM), and the Preschool BASIC Parent Program.

Key program outcomes include statistically significant gains in the following: 

  • Dinosaur School and TCM students’ Social-Emotional Competence, including Academic Skills, Emotion Regulation, and Prosocial Communication
  • Dinosaur School students’ Social-Emotional Skills 
  • TCM Teachers’ Positive Management Strategies, use of Incentives, Social Emotional Learning Support, Confidence, and Planning and Support
  • Parents use of Appropriate Discipline, Clear Expectations, and Positive Parenting practices
  • Parents use of Harsh Discipline and Inconsistent Discipline 

IIK-IY staff at Invest in Kids partnered with Colorado communities across 21 counties to support the delivery of IY for parents, teachers, and young children. Dinosaur School, TCM, and Parent Program were delivered in school and community-based settings to 5,815 children, 437 teachers and educational staff, 73 Parent Program Facilitators, and 470 Parent Program participants with coaching and technical support from Invest in Kids. 

Follow the link here to explore the 2021-22 report and learn more about the evaluation and IIK’s support for high-quality delivery of IY across the state of Colorado. Please email Erin Albrecht with any questions about this report.

Cheers to the incredible team at Invest in Kids supporting high-fidelity implementation of Incredible Years programs in Colorado!