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Celebrating Incredible Years Parenting Program in Lithuania

In the fall of 2020, the Lithuanian Institute of Hygiene launched the implementation of the Incredible Years Preschool Basic Parenting Program, with financing by the 2014-2021 European Economic Area Health grant. In just two years, 42 group leaders have been trained to implement Preschool Basic, with 16 group leaders having already completed Basic Parent Group Leader certification!

On September 13th, 2022, the Ministry of Health of the Republic Lithuania, together with input from the Institute of Hygiene, organized a conference with municipal authorities, administrators and decision-makers, “Adaptation and implementation of the Incredible Years program in Lithuania,” to raise awareness of the Incredible Years program and encourage further delivery of parents groups, with the goal of inspiring additional municipalities to implement IY.

Incredible Years Program Developer Carolyn Webster-Stratton, PhD, delivered a welcome video to the group: Celebrating Lithuania’s Achievements Using The Incredible Years® (IY) Parent Programs:

Approximately 160 attendees participated in the conference. During the conference, members of the Institute of Hygiene team who were instrumental in launching IY in Lithuania, Rolanda Valinteliene and Katažyna Labanienė, presented fundamental principles of the Incredible Years program and the progress of their implementation project. Municipalities implementing the program presented the practical first steps needed to launch IY groups. Parents were also invited to share their experiences after finishing the parent group and the impact it has had on their relationship with their children.

We are so proud of the great work the Institute of Hygiene team is doing implementing the Incredible Years in Lithuania! We are so impressed with your commitment to ensuring sustainable implementation with high program fidelity. We look forward to the continued roll-out of Incredible Years, with additional municipalities, and with the launch of IY School Age parenting groups!