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Webster-Stratton Delivers Keynote Lecture on IY Autism Program

On May 15, 2022, Incredible Years Program Developer Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton presented a keynote lecture to students at Seattle Pacific University, “Incredible Years Programs and Adaptations for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).”

This 90 minute presentation briefly summarizes the Incredible Years Basic Parent Program and highlights how this program lead to the adaptations of the Incredible Years Parent and Teacher Programs for Children with ASD. Examples of video vi­gnettes are shown to demonstrate how the ASD program is used to promote parent and teacher collaborations, problem solving, and developmentally appropriate practices. Academic, social, persistence and emotional coaching teaching and parenting methods are discussed, as well as the importance of imitation, sensory and pretend play, nonverbal gestures, and visual supports. The rationale for the ABCs of behavior change, prompting, and spotlighting for enhancing the development of children with ASD is reviewed.

In this presentation, Dr. Webster-Stratton shares how to use the Incredible Years Autism programs:

• To adapt elements of the basic IY parenting program for children with ASD.

• To integrate video modeling, experiential and self-reflective learning to enhance parent and teacher optimal interactions with children

• To tailor the verbal and nonverbal communication methods according to the specific language and play developmental levels of each child.

• To build teacher and parent support networks to manage children’s behavior problems.

View the Incredible Years Autism Program presentation overview (PDF): Presentation on the Incredible Years® Autism Program