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December Updates!

Hi all!

We wanted to remind you of a couple things that have been happening here at Incredible Years. Feel free to e-mail or call us with any questions!

1.  Thank you to all of you who took our social media survey! You provided some really helpful information and your comments are incredible. As we enter into the new year we hope to implement some of your fantastic ideas! One thing in particular we noticed was that some folks said they only recently found out IY is on Facebook and has a Blog. We hope we can all work together to help spread the word so that more people find out about these great tools for communication. Let us know how we can help!

2. WEBSITE UPDATES! We have added some VERY IMPORTANT things to our website this month!

  • Incredible Years Provider Listings: We have parents and social workers call us quite often looking for IY classes in their area. We have compile a list of IY providers for parent, teacher, and child classes and posted these to our website, here:
    You can access this page from the home page, by clicking “Parents and Teachers.” Then look on the right side of the page for the blue “Learn More” section and you will see the tab, “Looking for Incredible Years Groups?”
  • Downloadable Handouts: We have received really positive feedback about some of our blogs postings and our recently implemented “News and Tips” Newsletter. So we are transferring these (and others!) into downloadable handouts! Parents can access these, as well as group leaders, to provide to parents in your groups (or parents of children in your groups!). Parents can find the handouts here:
    (Go to “Parents and Teachers” then in “Learn More” click on “Articles for Parents”)Group Leaders can access the handouts here OR in the “Resources for Group Leaders” > “For Parent Programs” > “Extras for Parent Programs” – OR just click this link!
  • Videos for Group Leaders: You may have noticed we are posting quite a lot of new videos to the website and our YouTube channel. Many of these videos will be really useful for group leaders! They can be used as recruitment tools, to explain content/overview of the programs, and illustrate some concepts. The videos are spread out around the website, but we thought it would be useful to also compile them in one spot for group leaders. There is now a “Videos for Group Leaders” section on the main Resources for Group Leaders page. Go to the Resources for group leaders (home page, scroll down about mid way), and scroll down a bit to find the videos section.

3. Finally, we hope you are all signed up for our newsletter! Wally will be sending out his annual Christmas letter soon – he and Carolyn have been having fun putting together a Christmas story for you all!

~The Incredible Years Team