Dina Dinosaur’s Exercise Blog Series (#1)


Hello Everyone!

We are excited to announce a new blog series! Dina Dinosaur and her friends are going to share with us about the importance of staying fit and active.

Dina has recently decided to begin a fitness routine. We know that keeping active promotes good health and is good for your body – but there’s one problem – Dina isn’t used to exercising! She is going to have to navigate some confusing equipment, and she’ll probably need a little help and motivation from her friends.

Follow below to see how Dina’s first foray into the world of fitness unfolds. You can also “comment” to share your own fitness tips and stories! (PS. If you are running IY groups, parents and kids might particularly enjoy this, we encourage you to share it with them!)

DAY #1


Dina: “I am thinking about an exercise program to help build stronger muscles. I need all of my strength to fly to many different countries! There is a lot of work that needs to be done to help people be friendly and solve problems all around the world – so this exercise routine is important! However, as I look at this exercise machine, I think it looks pretty difficult and a bit confusing. Where should I start? My arms? My wings? My tail???”

Okay, okay – I know. Just take it one step at a time! I’ll start with my arms first. Wow, this is hard… but it will be worth it if I can fly to more countries and talk to more and more children!
Whew, how many reps did they say I should do of these?!


I think I am starting to notice my muscles getting stronger! But they are also getting really sore! That’s okay – I am persisting, concentrating…thinking positive thoughts and staying calm! Just a few more and I’ll be done for the day. I hope I feel okay tomorrow!


Geesh! I need a rest – I’m exhausted! And it’s only Day One! Next time I will get my friends to help me out – Being active with your friends is a lot more fun than doing this all on your own. We can encourage each other and hold one another accountable. I’m thinking maybe there should be more than one dinosaur to get around the world to help people with their problem solving!!