Incredible Years® in West Bank, Palestine

Earlier this year, Dr. Webster-Stratton had the opportunity to travel to West Bank, in Palestine, to meet with and observe those implementing Incredible Years® Parent, Teacher and Child programs at the Holy Child Program.

We did a special newsletter spotlight series, providing a detailed account of the trip, which you can read here and here.

A little bit about the Holy Child Program:

The Holy Child Program (certified by the Palestinian Ministry of Education) is a service of the Bethlehem Holy Child Program Corporation. The beliefs and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church provide the framework within which the services are offered even though the majority of the children are Muslim. The goal of the school is to provide an alternative education for children who suffer from untreated, complex mental health issues and exposure to intergenerational trauma. It provides individualized programs for each child and seeks to highlight a rich cultural heritage as well as partnerships with local providers.

CarolynDinaStudentsCarolyn, Dina, and the students

The teachers have participated in the Teacher Classroom Management program, and now deliver the Child Program to the students at the school. Additionally, there are weekly parent groups for mothers in the area!

We are now very excited to announce this video, which was made to showcase the program in West Bank and highlight the excellent work they are doing there! Please see the video below and share with your colleagues!