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The Incredible Years® Series Intervention Programs for Parents of Babies
(0-12 Months)

Our parenting programs are delivered to groups of parents/caregivers according to their child’s age group: babies (0-12 months), toddlers (1-3 years), preschoolers (3-6 years), and school age (6-12 years).

Check out the early intervention baby parenting programs we offer below.

Training workshops to equip group leaders with the skills needed to deliver the programs are purchased separately from the program sets below.

Baby Parenting Program

In the Baby Parenting Program, parents learn how to:

  • Help their babies feel loved, safe, and secure.
  • Promote attachment
  • Encourage their babies’ physical and language development.
Curriculum Materials Included
  • Video vignettes (USB, or 3-disc DVD, or Online Streaming Subscription)
  • Comprehensive Leader’s Manual, including parents’ home activities for Babies Series
  • Incredible Babies: A Guide and Journal of Your Baby’s First Year book
  • My Incredible Baby: Journal of My Baby’s First Year in My Family book
  • Baby Building Blocks Poster
  • Brain Development Refrigerator Magnet
  • Baby Brain Neurons Posters (set of 3)
Language Options
  • English
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • Spanish
Training Information

This training will prepare group leaders to implement our Baby Parenting Program. This 9-12 session program focuses on teaching parents how to provide nurturing parenting to babies including offering physical, tactile, verbal, and visual stimulation, coping with crying babies, safety proofing one’s house, and understanding the developmental needs of babies. Parents will learn about managing issues such as crying babies, feeding and diapering problems, and leaders will take advantage of the babies’ presence in the group to set up practices (for example, baby massage). The curriculum uses Dr. Webster-Stratton’s book Incredible Babies as the text for parents.

For more information about training, click here.

Age 0-12 months old
Price starting at Program curriculum ($430) + initial training fees ($710)
Average parent group size 12 to 14
Average # of weekly sessions (2-3 hrs each) 9 to 12

Well-Baby Program

The Well-Baby Program can be used by primary care providers, health visitors, pediatricians, and other health providers in primary care settings or in the home to support parents with babies from birth to 9 months of age. This program is designed to help clinicians provide infant health care that promotes responsive, nurturing parenting that will strengthen babies’ attachment and home safety as well as their cognitive, language, social and emotional development.

This program can be implemented as a supplement to the Baby Parenting Training Program.

Curriculum Materials Included
  • 1 DVD set
  • Leader’s Manual
  • Starter set of select home activities on colored tear-off pads
  • Incredible Babies book
  • Promoting Brain Development Magnet
  • Babies’ Building Blocks poster
Language Options
  • English
Age 0-9 months old
Price starting at $430
Average parent group size Individual parents/caregivers
Average number of sessions 6 monthly visits

Home Visiting Coach Model

The Incredible Years® offers a Home Visiting Coach protocol for Baby, Toddler, Preschool, and School Age Basic Parent Programs. The Home Visiting Coach model can be used in conjunction with the group-based model, or the entire curriculum can be delivered with individual families entirely in the homes. Our Home Coaching manuals help facilitators tailor the content of the programs for individual delivery in the homes. To implement in the home, facilitators need the full program curriculum kit, plus the supplemental manual for home coaching. 

How To Use With Group Programs
  • To begin a parent’s learning if there is an extended delay before the next scheduled IY parent group begins.
  • To give parents a taste of the program in order to recruit them into the IY parent group.
  • To provide make-up sessions for parents who have missed group sessions due to illness or work schedules.
  • To enhance the IY parent group learning for high-risk families and/or child welfare referred families, and to provide additional vignettes and practices at home.
  • To deliver the entire parenting curriculum in the home.
Language Options
  • English
  • Norwegian
Training Information

For the Baby, Toddler, Preschool, and School Age Basic Parenting Programs we have developed a home-visitor coaching model. This one-on-one parent-coach model can be used to deliver the entire basic parenting program or as a supplement for parents attending an Incredible Years® group. This home-visitor coaching model is a good option if parents cannot attend a parent group due to schedule conflicts, or if there is an extended delay before the next parent group will be offered. This model may also be used with parents who need some additional coaching at home with their children.

*This training is only available for participants who have previously attended Basic Parenting Program Group Leader Training.

For more information about training, click here.

Age 0-12 years old
Price starting at Program curriculum ($100) + initial training fees ($350)
Average parent group size Individual parents/

Key Research Outcomes

Research on the Incredible Years early intervention programs for parents has indicated the following outcomes:
Reductions in parental depression and increases in parental self-confidence
Increases in positive family communication and problem-solving
Improved parent-child interactions
Reduced use of criticism and negative commands
Group of 3 children
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