This poster features a large colorful image of a “teaching toolbox” with Velcro siding on top and bottom. Included with the poster are thirty tools cards with text covering key behavior management principles, emotion and thought concepts taught in the Incredible Years parent or teacher programs. Examples of tools include modeling, scaffolding, having fun, redirecting, staying calm, labeled praise, positive-self talk, predictable routines, ignoring, and consequences. By placing tools onto the Velcro at top and bottom of the poster, group leaders review parenting and teaching tools with group participants. Blank tool pictures are also provided so that participants’ ideas can be included as additional tools.

Tips for Using the Tool Kit:

The tool kit may be used throughout a parent or teacher training group by adding tools each week/day as the leader teaches new concepts. The kit can also be used as a fun way to review key concepts after the first half of the program, and again during the last session. Group leaders may also use the poster to have parents or teachers brainstorm the tools they might use when presented with a particular behavior problems (e.g., child is whining, child is dawdling). As each tool is used, it is placed on the tool kit and the parents and teachers must then think of alternative ways to solve the problem. This method allows participants to see the variety of solutions available to any given problem. Moreover, the metaphor of the “tool” is empowering in that the group is able to visualize all the many different building strategies they have learned as a group to support their children’s development.