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+Small Group Dina Child Program Resources (Treatment)
+Classroom Dina Child Program Resources (Prevention)
Classroom Dina Lesson Checklists (Level 1)
Classroom Dina Lesson Checklists (Level 2)
Classroom Dina Lesson Checklists (Level 3)
Dino School Sample Session Plan (Anger)
Dino School Sample Session Plan (Feelings)
Dino School Sample Session Plan (Problem Solving)
Making the Most out of Video Vignettes (Classroom Dinosaur)
Classroom Dina Parent Satisfaction Questionnaire
Classroom Dina Parent Satisfaction Questionnaire (Spanish)
Classroom Dina Collaborative Process Checklist - Updated 2019
Teacher Best Practices Inventory

Language Versions

Dina Handouts Norwegian
Classroom Dina Letters To Parents (Spanish)
Teacher To Parent Communication Letters (Spanish)

Handouts and Extras

Puppet Play Tips and Examples For Parents And Teachers
Using The Puppets to Teach and Practice Concepts in Dinosaur School
Dinosaur School Certificate of Completion (Color)
Classroom Dina Letters to Parents
Teacher to Parent Communication Letters
Compliment Book
Dina Chips Reward Chart
Alphabet Feeling Dictionary (Triceratops)
Feather in Cap Handout
Show Me Five
Examples of nonverbal signals
Wally's Problem Solving Detective Report (Simple)
Wally's Problem Solving Detective Report (Advanced)

Puppet Faces, Expressions, and Clothes (Color)

Head Molly White Large
Head Wally White Large
Head Wally Brown Large
Puppet Expressions (Ears, Noses, Etc)
Puppet Expressions (Mouth, Brown)
Puppet Expressions (Mouth, White)
Dina Faces
Puppet Clothes (Hats, Jewelry, Shoes)
Puppet Clothes
Puppet Bodies with Feeling Faces
(Puppets print at 11 inches tall. Feeling faces included for all three.)

Extras for Teachers/Group Leaders

Tips for making Dinosaur School Developmentally Appropriate
Behavior Plans (for workshops 1-6)
Developing an Individual Behavior Plan
Wally's Behavior Chart
Discipline Hierarchy
Song Lyrics from Dina's Music CD
Social Coaching (Level 1)
Social Coaching (Level 2)
Social Coaching (Level 3)
Teachers as Academic, Emotional and Social Skills Coaches
Sample Hierarchies
School Transition Plan
How to Use Blackline Drawings/Cue Cards
Dinosaur School Camp Pull Out Schedule (Daily)
The Role of Time-Out in a Comprehensive Approach (Article)
What Does IY Say About Time Out?

Incredible Years Feeling Wheel