Host an On-Site Incredible Years® Workshop

Hosting an onsite training workshop can be a cost-effective way to train a large group. If you want to train a group of your staff, we can send a trainer to you! See general cost information below. If you would like more information, please call/e-mail us!

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For a Training Held Online for Staff at Your Site

$6850 – for Basic Parent group leader training and Dina Child group leader training – held online over 5 sessions

$5480 – for Baby Parent group leader training – held online over 4 sessions

$2740 – for Parent Home Coaching training and School Age Supplemental parent group leader training – held online over 2 sessions

PLEASE NOTE: In order to participate in the on-line training, participants must have access to a full IY Program curriculum set (including Leader’s manual, DVDs, etc). This training model will require participants to engage in pre- and between-session study of materials.

Our online trainings are intended to be highly interactive and collaborative.  Attendees should plan for active participation!

For an In-Person Training Held at your Site

Download our Cost Planning Spreadhseet

$1850 – $2200 Per day trainer fee – 3 days for parent group leader training; 2 days for Baby program group leader training; 3 days for Small Group therapy version of Dina program; 3 days for Classroom version of Dina program; 3 days for Teacher Classroom Management group leader training

Half-day or One-day travel day fee (this is variable, depending on your location or length of time to travel to your site) – charges based on the trainer daily fee, per above.

Varies Trainer’s airfare

Varies Lodging – local costs

Varies Travel costs such as car rental, taxi, shuttle, parking, etc for the trainer

Varies Meals for the trainer

Support Materials & Required Books**

$29.95 Incredible Teachers (book for the Child & Teacher Training Workshops – per participant)

$24.95 The Incredible Years: A Troubleshooting Guide (for Parent Workshop – per participant)

$26.95 Collaborating with Parents to Reduce Children’s Behavior Problems books (for Parent Workshop – per participant)

$18.95 Incredible Babies: A Guide and Journal of Your Baby’s First Year (for Baby Workshop – per participant)

*prices subject to change
**plus shipping costs


$16.00 Handouts (estimated cost per participant – a link will be sent to you so that you can print off copies of the workshop handouts)

Varies Mailing costs (advertising brochures and confirmation letters)

Ongoing Technical Support – Costs Per Person

$600 Certification fee (includes 2 video reviews)

$210/hr Telephone consultation by trainer

$230 Consultation day in Seattle

$105/hr Extra video reviews by trainer (beyond 2 tapes for certification fee)

Experts in Action: Parent Group Leader Workshop Training Samples

experts-action_pp-facilitators-trainingThese 8 DVDs (13 hours 24 minutes) are an opportunity for group leaders who are implementing the Incredible Years Parenting Program to see the developer discuss her theory and rationale for the collaborative methods and processes underlying the successful group delivery of this program. The DVD clips show Carolyn Webster-Stratton modeling how to mediate video vignettes, do benefits/barriers exercises, buddy buzzes, pull out principles, and set up role play practices. She explains how to work collaboratively with parents and tailor the program to the specific population being addressed so that it is meaningful and targeted at their goals. The DVDs are also for IY peer coaches in their work with new group leaders, IY mentors for review and study of their training workshops, and administrators and clinicians interested in the methods and content of the Incredible Years programs. View full description and view video clips from this program