Host an On-Site Incredible Years® Workshop

Hosting an onsite training workshop can be a cost-effective way to train a large group. If you want to train a group of your staff, we can send a trainer to you! See general cost information below. If you would like more information, please call/e-mail us!

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For a Training Held at your Site

Download our Cost Planning Spreadhseet

$1730 – 2100 Per day trainer fee – 3 days for parent group leader training; 2 days for Baby program group leader training; 3 days for Small Group therapy version of Dina program; 3 days for Classroom version of Dina program; 3 days for Teacher Classroom Management group leader training

Half-day or One-day travel day fee (this is variable, depending on your location or length of time to travel to your site) – charges based on the trainer daily fee, per above.

Varies Trainer’s airfare

Varies Lodging – local costs

Varies Travel costs such as car rental, taxi, shuttle, parking, etc for the trainer

Varies Meals for the trainer

Support Materials & Required Books**

$29.95 Incredible Teachers (book for the Child & Teacher Training Workshops – per participant)

$24.95 The Incredible Years: A Troubleshooting Guide (for Parent Workshop – per participant)

$26.95 Collaborating with Parents to Reduce Children’s Behavior Problems books (for Parent Workshop – per participant)

$18.95 Incredible Babies: A Guide and Journal of Your Baby’s First Year (for Baby Workshop – per participant)

*prices subject to change
**plus shipping costs


$16.00 Handouts (estimated cost per participant – a link will be sent to you so that you can print off copies of the workshop handouts)

Varies Mailing costs (advertising brochures and confirmation letters)

Ongoing Technical Support – Costs Per Person

$600 Certification fee (includes 2 video reviews)

$210/hr Telephone consultation by trainer

$230 Consultation day in Seattle

$105/hr Extra video reviews by trainer (beyond 2 tapes for certification fee)