Workshop Information


The Incredible Years® workshops/trainings* are highly recommended. Becoming trained by an Incredible Years® certified trainer or mentor ensures group leaders will be trained to effectively deliver the Incredible Years® programs with fidelity.

*”Training” and “Workshop” are used interchangeably.

Training workshops are offered by Incredible Years® certified/accredited mentors and trainers. These accredited trainings are provided in the United States and around the world. Certified Incredible Years® trainers are also available to provide workshops at your agency for groups of 15 to 25 people.

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Training participants for treatment groups should have a graduate degree in one of the following  professions: social work, psychology, education, nursing, psychiatry, medicine, or have extensive experience working with families and children. For prevention groups, we recommend one leader have a graduate degree, and the second leader a bachelor’s level degree in a related field.

Preparing for a Training Workshop

Before attending the workshop be sure you have purchased the program curriculum and have previewed the manual and materials. This will ensure that you get the most from the training. We also offer self-study ‘getting started’ guides to help you prepare.

Incredible Years Getting Started Guide (Parent Programs)
Incredible Years Getting Started Guide (Child Programs)

Visit our Pre-Training Self-Study page for more tips on preparing for your training.
This page lists some material that prospective IY trainees can find on our web site that will help you prepare to get the most value out of your training workshop in Incredible Years programs. On this site you will find links to PowerPoint presentations of IY parent, child and teacher programs, logic models, fact sheets, preview videos, interviews with parents and teachers, sample video vignettes, videos with program developer, and key research summary papers.

We highly recommend you do this self-study model prior to the 3-day training workshop.

Experts in Action: Parent Group Leader Workshop Training Samples

experts-action_pp-facilitators-trainingThese 8 DVDs (13 hours 24 minutes) are an opportunity for group leaders who are implementing the Incredible Years Parenting Program to see the developer discuss her theory and rationale for the collaborative methods and processes underlying the successful group delivery of this program. The DVD clips show Carolyn Webster-Stratton modeling how to mediate video vignettes, do benefits/barriers exercises, buddy buzzes, pull out principles, and set up role play practices. She explains how to work collaboratively with parents and tailor the program to the specific population being addressed so that it is meaningful and targeted at their goals. The DVDs are also for IY peer coaches in their work with new group leaders, IY mentors for review and study of their training workshops, and administrators and clinicians interested in the methods and content of the Incredible Years programs. View full description and view video clips from this program