Resources for Trainers and Mentors

Mentors at 2019 Mentor Meeting, Bainbridge Island, Washington

A mentor is a certified IY group leader with extensive experience delivering IY program(s) who provides authorized IY training workshops in his or her agency or district as well as ongoing mentoring & supervision to group leaders who s/he has trained. A certified IY trainer provides international training and consultation services. They possess outstanding leadership skills based on consistent high workshop supervision and evaluations. They have a long-standing commitment towards evidence-based programs with fidelity and leadership skills.

Learn more about certification: Incredible Years® Mentor Certification and Incredible Years® Trainer Certification

Learn more about the process to nominate Group Leaders to become Peer Coaches:
Mentor Involvement In Selection Of Peer Coaches Peer Coach Nomination Form

View Incredible Years® Mentor and Trainer Bios

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+Training Evaluations

For your convenience we have provided digital versions of the training evaluation forms. These are used each time you lead a training workshop. These should be sent to Incredible Years® within two weeks of the final day of your workshop, along with completed training protocols and attendance lists.

Group Leader Workshop Evaluation
Consultation Day Evaluation
Basic Parent Supplemental Group Leader Training Day Evaluation
Peer Coach Training Evaluation
Mentor Training Checklist (for Trainers)
For Mentors & Trainers: Tips for working with Mentors in Training
Mentor-In-Training Evaluation
+Fidelity Measures - Rating Scales
Parent Group Leader Fidelity Checklist
Parent Group Leader Fidelity Checklist (Long Version, optional)

This rating scale is designed for certified mentors or trainers to complete following observation of a session (live or video observation).

Autism Program Parent Group Leader Fidelity Checklist
Child Small Group Leader Fidelity Scale (for mentors/trainers)

This rating scale is designed for certified mentors or trainers to complete after observing a therapist complete a 2-hour small group session (live or video observation).

Classroom Dina Group Process Fidelity Scale

This rating scale is designed for certified mentors or trainers to complete after observing a teacher complete a daily lesson plan (live or video observation).

Teacher Classroom Management Fidelity Checklist

This rating scale is designed for certified mentors or trainers to complete following live or video-recorded observation of a Teacher Classroom session or portion of a session.

Helping Preschool Children with Autism Fidelity Checklist
+Evaluation Forms
Self Evaluation of Supervision

Self-evaluation about the quality of mentoring or supervision you are giving group leaders in training. This information will help you to reflect on the way you provide supervision.

Evaluation of Quality of Supervision

Questionnaire about the quality of mentoring or supervision you are receiving from your mentor or trainer. This information helps mentors and trainers to continually improve the way they provide supervision.

Evaluation of Classroom Dina/Teacher

Participants evaluation of workshop and leader. Forms for days 1-3.

+Video Review
Skype Consultation Tips For Mentors
Skype Call Prep Form
Skype Consultation Tips For Group Leaders
Preparing for a Video Review of Teacher Training

Sharing your work with others and obtaining feedback from colleagues will result in continual improvement of your therapeutic skills and high fidelity to the intervention.

Individual Video Review Process (Overview)

This checklist is for Mentors – use to prepare for giving feedback on a Parent Group Leader’s video.

Accreditation Video Review by Selected IY Mentors

As the IY group leader, coach, and mentor community continue to grow, we are working to increase the capacity for high quality and efficient review of videos that new group leaders submit for the accreditation process. In the past, the majority of reviews have been conducted by trainers in Seattle, and, more recently, some very experienced mentors have begun to do accreditation video reviews.

We have a process for ensuring that video reviews are consistent and reliable across all mentors and trainers who are selected to review videos for accreditation. Learn about this process:   Process For Accreditation Video Review By Mentors

For Mentors who have been authorized to provide video review for accreditation/certification, please see these Guidelines to what to look for in video submissions.
Guidelines for Mentors Reviewing Videos for Certification/Accreditation

+Mentor Meetings

View Mentor presentations at our annual Mentor Meetings on our “For Researchers” page.

Certified mentors are expected to participate in mentor meetings and consultations with IY trainers every 1-2 years. During these mentor meetings new materials and new research will be presented. In addition, mentors meet to share videotapes of their workshops, groups, and supervision. They share new approaches they have used to training parents and/or new group leaders. New training protocols, handouts and programs are explained at these meetings.

Incredible Years Mentor Meetings 2001-2019

2019 Bainbridge Island (Islandwood), Washington

2019 Mentor Meeting Handouts- Tailoring Incredible Years

2018 Forcalquier (Charembeau), France

Mentors at 2018 Mentor Meeting, Forcalquier, France

2018 Mentor Meeting Handouts

2017 Bainbridge Island (Islandwood), Washington

Mentors at 2017 Mentor Meeting, Bainbridge Island, USA

2017 Mentor Meeting Handouts

2016 Utrecht, Netherlands

Mentors at 2016 Mentor Meeting, U of Utrecht, Holland

2016 Mentor Meeting Handouts

2015 Bainbridge Island (Islandwood), Seattle

Mentors at 2015 Mentor Meeting, Bainbridge Island, USA

2015 Mentor Meeting Handouts

2014 Terracina, Italy


2013 Victoria Island, Canada

2012 Dublin, Ireland

2011 Seattle, Washington (Alexis Hotel) (10th anniversary event)

2010 Copenhagen, Denmark

2009 Vancouver, Canada

2008 Terracina, Italy

2007 Vashon Island (Burton camp ground), Washington

2006 Manchester (Nunsmere), England

2005 Vashon Island, Washington

2004 Caernarfon, Wales

2003 Oxford, England

2001 Vashon Island, Washington

Videos for Mentors

Here you can find different video series we have done that may be helpful to use as a resources for providing information to others about the Incredible Years Programs. Click below to view the videos.

+Incredible Years® Parent Program Participant Reflections

#1 How does the Incredible Years® Parent Program work for Head Start families?

#2 What do parents learn about the foundation of the Parent Program?

#3 What do parents have to say about their experiences with the Incredible Years® Parent Program?

#4 What do parents learn about discipline?

#5 What methods do Incredible Years® Group Leaders use to work with parents?

#6 What are the outcomes of Incredible Years® Parenting Groups?

#7 Does the Incredible Years® Parenting Program work with other cultures?

+Incredible Years® Teacher Program Participant Reflections


Foundation of the Incredible Years® Teaching Pyramid®

Managing Classroom Misbehavior

Teacher Experiences Learning the Program

Trainer Experiences Working with Teachers

The Bedrock of Children’s Academic Learning

Research Regarding the Program

Dissemination, Certification and Need for Ongoing Support and Monitoring

+Incredible Years® Child Program Participant Reflections

#1 Introduction to The Incredible Years® Dinosaur School Child Training Program

#2 Content of The Incredible Years® Dinosaur School Child Training Program

#3 Teacher Experiences with the Classroom Dinosaur School Child Program

#4 Therapist and Parent Experiences with the Small Group Dina Curriculum

#5 Trainer Reflections About Training Teachers & Therapists to Implement the Child Program(s)

#6 Research with The Incredible Years® Dinosaur School Child Training Program

#7 Supporting Implementation of IY Child Programs with Fidelity